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Rhue Art
Rhue Art


"Fragments of the World" Exhibition by Dominique Gais

"Two Ravens Film click here

"From the Seahouse Catalogue Exhibition by Linda Lashford 2022

"Skail Catalogue Exhibition by Mairearad Green 2022

"Light is Liquid by Will Curwen" Desk top Catalogue

"New Winter Work" Catalogue Recent work by James Hawkins 202]]

"BETULACEAE The lady of the Woods" Catalogue Recent work by James Hawkins 2020

"Drawings" James Hawkins Catalogue 2019

"Undersong" Linda Lashford Exhibition 2019 Catalogue

"Ascent" Ellis O'Connor Exhibition 2019 Exhibition

"A short walk in the Solu Kumbu" James Hawkins Exhibition here

Scotland's countryside Jean Balfour catalogue 2018

Across the Equinox catalogue 2018

Jean Michel Benier Exhibition June 2018

A wander in the Sun. March 2018

Dominique Gais. The Rhue Series 2017

Greenland: At the Margins catalogue 2016


Sun Sugar catalogue 2016

Jean Michel Benier catalogue 2016

Distillation of Light catalogue 2016

It is the Grass that suffers catalogue 2016

Joanna Wright It is the Grass that suffers catalogue 2016

Florence Jamieson 2015

Tor Lands Rhiannon Van Muysen 2015

New Work Katy Spong Catalogue 2014

Molto in Parvo Miniatures, Helen Denerley Catalogue 2014

New Paintings, Toby Hodson Catalogue 2014

Memories and Observations, Cuimheachan is Seallaiddhean Celia Garbutt Catalogue 2013

A Script of Light, Peter Welch Catalogue 2013

4th Normandy Biennale 2013 Catalogue

LifeLines Lisa O'Brien 2013

Lay of the Land Rhiannon Van Muysen 2013

People and Places 2013

37 Leaves, Diary of a Year by Katy Spong. 2012

Morphogenesis Toby Hodson 2012

James Hawkins Cutting Edge 2012

Perception 2011

The Chronicles of the Straightline Ramblers Club 2009