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"Fragments of Land"

 20 May -31 Oct 2023

An exhibition by DOMINIQUE GAIS

"Fragments of the World" Catalogue of Exhibition by Dominique Gais

• In fusion with Nature and its elements, my work as a painter, wants to testify to the beauty of the World. Scotland is for me an enchantment and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Over the years, I have collected treasures of nature and beauty with my camera, which I interweave into my painting. The materials and textures here compete with each other in incredible colours. The Rhue Art Series, in subtle and icy shades of grey and blue, was a tribute to winter. The continuation of The Rhue Series was illuminated by the golds and greens of summer. In this new spring exhibition, "Fragments of the World", the joyful boldness of the reds, oranges and yellows of lichen and seaweed are fully embodied, balanced by the infinite variations of white and grey, rock and salt,

Past Exhibitions

"The Two Ravens"

1 April - 17 May 2023

An exhibition and screening of an animated film based on the folk story of Duncan Williamson. “The Two Ravens”. The project originated from conversations between musician Christine Martin (Skye) and film animator John McGeoch (Evanton) based on a single painting by John Slavin (Skye) , 'Marigold's Metamorphosis' and then grew (and grew!) from there, utilising John Slavin’s existing paintings plus some new ones painted specially. Marigold's Metamorphosis was one of this series and illustrated scenes from the Twa Ravens story.

Opening event Sat 1 April 2 - 4 pm All welcome There will be two screening of the film 2.30 and 3.30 pm

"Two Ravens Film click here

"From the SeaHouse"

Exhibition and installation of photographs with a poetic sound track by LINDA LASHFORD

"From the Seahouse Catalogue

From The Seahouse - an exhibition of prints, poems, and a book. What happens when a landscape photographer shrinks down her spatial boundaries? Takes refuge in a single shoreline and measures her time there in years rather than in days. 'From the seahouse' is a collection of images and words that has arisen out of one such period of retreat, and spans four winters living, writing, and photographing from a small Scottish beach. Winters in which the large, fixed surface details of the landscape recede and, in their place, have come fleeting images of light, wind and water. These pictures emerge unbidden and follow the flow of weed, or a skirl of wind, as it fractures light, cascading shadows. From rare, frozen days come fugitive images of ice fast rocks and imprisoned weed, and when the wind is low, no more than a breath upon the water, there are submerged, tumbled stones that photographed against a swirl of sand evolve into a universe of planets. At night I write, drawing words from the same physical and emotional landscape as the photographs. And while the images have a stillness that belies the tumult of the winter shoreline the words explore that tumult; the raw physical power and fugacity of the winter environment and my internal world, where unsettling memories are unlocked by a drift of scent or a turn of a stone.

15 April - 16 July 2022


An exhibition of new paintings by Mairearad Geen

"Skail Catalogue

‘Skail’, (an old scots word - to disperse or scatter) the title for my work as a visceral response to the shifting nature of my surrounding environment, Coigach, Assynt and Lochbroom: the place I am from and the place that provides a wealth of artistic opportunity, creative interpretation and expression. This deeply rooted sense of place informs my identity as a visual artist and musician. Combining both art and music, ‘skail’, will be exhibited at Rhueart, opening on the 15th April 2022 with some live music by me at the gallery on the 14th May (2-4pm). Responding instinctively to the ever-changing environment, I mostly work en plein air using acrylic paint on board or canvas. The elemental power of the sky, the land and the sea, as the weather disperses and scatters in an instant, gives a fascinating array of colour, density, turbulence, excitement, and surprise. I endeavour to capture this energy through tone, texture and mark making in my work and also through the recording of five improvised weather pieces to accompany the visual art, each crashing wave, gust of wind or splash of rain as it awakens my senses.

May - Oct 2021


"Desk top CATALOGUE"

An Exhibition of Optical Paintings As Derived From Digital Pinhole Photography By Will Curwen Opening day Sat 29 May The Artist will be present at the gallery 11am to 3 pm

By definition a pinhole is not really a lens as such, but a carefully crafted aperture without an opinion upon whatever light is passing through it. Neither sharp nor unsharp, with everything in focus - or not in focus. It observes light reflected from a surface as an overlapping defractive pattern recording shape or form, without the deadening distraction of refracted detail. This I believe, is an important distinction as to how human vision works. So much of what we actually see as an initial first impression is based upon form as shaped by the luminosity of light. From there on, everything else follows through to form what I call ‘optical paintings’ which exist solely within the minds eye of the viewer as liquidfied light.

17 December 2019 - 31st March 2020

DRAWINGS by James Hawkins

An collection of James' drawings that he has done over the last 40 years. A wonderful opportunity to see early sketches and working drawings done in the field and studio over the last 40 years.


17 August - 31st October 2019


Exhibition of Photographs by Linda Lashford

‘Undersong’ has arisen out of two winters in Wester Ross, and more particularly the landscape that surrounds the communities of Mellon Udrigle, Opinan and Laide. At each location, the images explore the world within the ‘view’ – the weed, rocks and lichen that stretch across the tidal zone.

"Undersong" Linda Lashford Exhibition 2019 Catalogue

27th April - 15 Aug 2019


Exhibition of new work by Ellis O'Connor based on her experience of the Assynt area

"Ascent"// Ellis O'Connor catalogue

A short walk in the Solu Kumbu

"A short walk in the Solu Kumbu" James Hawkins Exhibition

For larger images and prices click here

The Exhibition of paintings by James Hawkins, based on the experience of the Himalaya will be at La Galleria, Pall Mall, London from Monday 29th October until Saturday 3rd November 2018

A year ago we were invited by James Lamb who runs a charity in Nepal to go trekking with him and his partner Tashi with a view to creating some paintings to raise money for their charity, the little Sherpa foundation. Initially the charity was to help the widows of those Sherpa guides killed on Everest in 2014 and after the earthquake in 2015. However during the intervening years it has expanded to help rebuild the school in Phortse and now has plans to build a health centre there. Tashi and James also run Tengboche trekking, a company that creates employment for local guides and gives the profits from the treks to the little Sherpa foundation.

Tengbouche trekking

The Little Sherpa Foundation

July 7th – Aug 29th 2018


Helen Denerley and Michael Longley

A really exciting prospect. An exhibition of work by two great friends, renowned Metal Sculptor Helen Denerley and celebrated Irish poet Michael Longley. Each will create work in response to the other’s Art .

Across the Equinox catalogue 2018

Saturday 7 July 2-4 pm

Poetry reading by Michael Longley

Pimms and Cream teas Everyone welcome

Sept 1st- Oct 31st 2018

Watercolour exhibition by Dr Jean Balfour (Jean Drew)

A unique chance to see the wonderful water colours by Dr Balfour, who celebrated her 90th birthday in 2017. A highly respected and knowledgeable Conservationist

Scotland's countryside Jean Balfour catalogue 2018


May 19th – 4th July 2018

New Work by Jean Michel Benier

The second exhibition at Rhue by the wonderful French Landscape painter Jean Michel Bénier, who shares his life between the mountains and the sea, painting and writing. For 40 years, he has exhibited in Switzerland, California and France.

Jean Michel Benier Exhibition June 2018

April 7th - 16th May 2018

A wander in the Sun

An exhibition of Photographs by Mark Junor Johnston
Mark Junor Johnston is based in Aberdeenshire
...."I have a sneaking idea that you have to use two ways of looking if you want to give a good feel for 3 dimensions. The mind and eye, can then appreciate the distortions inevitable in each type of projection, and make allowances for it. I enjoy going from one projection to the other and back again, just to appreciate the artifices involved in flattening 3 dimensional reality onto a 2 dimensional picture. Notice how the linear pictures distort the foreground, and one loses sense of direction. The circular pictures though do those things very well, but curve the horizon, and flatten out the sky. As the sky doesn't usually hold much information it works very well."

->Mark Junor Johnston "A wander in the sun". Catalogue 2018

25th Aug - 31st Oct 2017


Dominique Gais.

Between painting, painted-photo and photo-painting Through the world of trompe l'oeil and mural painting, Dominique Gais is installed into a form of play, where the spectator has doubt of what he sees, and wonders about the nature of the object it looks. The riddle is central in her approach.

The Rhue series Catalogue

11th March – April 13th 2017

Thought provoking pieces and installations. A different view on Art and how to look at it.

20th Aug _ Oct 31st

RhueArt Gallery “Greenland: At the Margins"

Jane Rushton and Rhea Banker

Greenland: At the Margins catalogue 2016

Jane Rushton and Rhea Banker spent a period of time together in and around Ilulissat Kangia and Eqip Sermia, on Greenland’s west coast, gathering material for a project that would bring their two artforms together in dialogue. Of course, the stunning landscape of west Greenland was a huge inspiration but, more particularly, they were each drawn to the complex relationships between the seemingly permanent geological elements of nature and the more transient elements like ice, water and the lichen flora.

July 18th _ Aug 17th

RhueArt Gallery

Sun Sugar

Eleanor White

Sun Sugar catalogue 2016

Eleanor is best known for her dynamic teaching at Bridge House Art in Ullapool and at Leith School of Art in Edinburgh, an inspirational and feisty tutor this is a rare chance to see the huge repertoire of her techniques employed to create her own enigmatic images.

RhueArt Studio

 Landscape paintings and cut out pieces by James Hawkins. 

“One of the best contemporary landscape painters in Scotland” www.jameshawkinsart.co.uk

RhueArt Garden

Helen Denerley’s up cycled metal sculptures These amazing works will be on display around the garden and videos of her working practise will be on shown in the gallery.

June 18th - July 16th

RhueArt Gallery


Jean Michel Benier


Jean Michel Benier lives in France and regularly visits Scotland to make plein air watercolours exploring the coast line from the land and the sea. His paintings capture weather and shorelines, mountain and seascapes with a minimal elegance.

RhueArt Studio

 Landscape paintings and cut out pieces by James Hawkins. 

“One of the best contemporary landscape painters in Scotland” www.jameshawkinsart.co.uk

RhueArt Garden

 Helen Denerley’s up cycled metal sculptures

These amazing works will be on display around the garden and videos of her working practise will be on shown in the gallery.

!!May 7th – June 17th

RhueArt Gallery

“Distillation of Light”

Jon Schueler

Distillation of Light catalogue 2016

Part of the world wide centenary celebrations of the birth of the American abstract expressionist painter Jon Schueler Jon lived in New York but spent several months throughout each year painting from his studio in Mallaig. His luminous paintings celebrate the ever changing light of the west coast.

Other Centenary Events

Radio Interview

James Hawkins, artist at Rhue Art Gallery, talks to Jon Miller about renowned American artist Jon Schueler whose work is featured in two exhibitions in Ullapool, one at An Talla Solais and another at Rhue Art Gallery which features paintings and films


RhueArt Studio

Landscape paintings and cut out pieces by James Hawkins. “One of the best contemporary landscape painters in Scotland” www.jameshawkinsart.co.uk

RhueArt Garden

Helen Denerley’s up cycled metal sculptures These amazing works will be on display around the garden and videos of her working practise will be on shown in the gallery.

Mar 26th – May 4th

Rhue Art Gallery

“It’s the grass that suffers”

Peter White and Joanna Wright

It is the Grass that suffers catalogue 2016

Work created during a visit to northern Uganda. The research visit was sponsored by the Refugee Law Project, a Ugandan organisation that supports asylum seekers, refugees, displaced people and their host communities within Uganda. 10% of the value of sales from this exhibition will be donated to RLP to support the National Peace and Memory Documentation Centre and its vital peacebuilding work. RLP will also be glad of any direct donations: see their website www.refugeelawproject.org.

Rhue Art Studio

Landscape paintings and cut out pieces by James Hawkins. “One of the best contemporary landscape painters in Scotland” www.jameshawkinsart.co.uk

RhueArt Garden

Helen Denerley’s up cycled metal sculptures These amazing works will be on display around the garden and videos of her working practise will be on shown in the gallery.

15th August - 15th October 2015

FLORENCE JAMIESON To celebrate her ninetieth birthday, a retrospective exhibition by one of the Glasgow Girls from the 1960's

18th April - 31st Oct 2015

Sculpture Garden throughout the Summer Displaying work by HELEN DENERLEY and MO FARQUHARSON

18th April - 31st Oct East Gallery 2015

New Paintings and Cut-out landscapes by JAMES HAWKINS Exciting new work by one of Scotland's foremost Landscape Artists

30th May - 11th August 2015

Tor land RHIANNON VAN MUYSEN New work about the Tors of Cornwall and the China clay country

1st March – 28th May 2015

Spring Exhibition by GALLERY ARTISTS


Aug 1st- Oct 15th 2014

New large work


Shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the year Award. Katy observes and records the unique moments that nature reveals.

May 23rd – 30th July 2014

MOLTO IN PARVO miniature sculptures by HELEN DENERLEY Specially commissioned for this exhibition, one of Scotland’s foremost sculptor’s has created a series of miniature animals.

18th April - 21st May 2014

New Watercolour Paintings, A collection of new paintings by TOBIAS HODSON Huge, vibrant watercolour paintings, the technical skill used in these enormous works is quite remarkable

14th sept - 31st Oct 2013

Memories and Observations, Cuimheachan is Seallaiddhean A collection of new paintings by CELIA GARBUTT

17th August -11th Sept 2013

Script of Light by Peter Welch Retrospective exhibition of Photographs of Scotland, Spain and New York

8th June - 14th August 2013

LifeLines by Lisa O'Brien

27th June - 13th July 2013


Rhueart was delighted to have been asked to put on an Exhibition at ART FORUM 61, A Contemporary Art Biennale in France. We showed work by Rhiannon Van Muysen, Helen Denerley, Tobias Hodson and James Hawkins at this prestigious Biennial during late June and early July. The multi venued exhibition featured more than thirty international artists; the lead artist was Gustave Courbet.

We gratefully acknowledge assistance from Creative Scotland's International Programme

30th March - 1st June 2013

Lay of the Land RhueArt Gallery New work by Rhiannon Van Muysen. Inspired by the Landscape and Geology of Northern Scotland and Iceland.

2013 5th - 9th March

"People and Places"

Mo Farquharson and James Hawkins at The Gallery,28 Cork Street,London. Friends and contempories at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford this exhibition features Mo's bronze sculptures and James' carbon fibre cut-out paintings.

2012 Aug-Sept

RhueArt Gallery Katy Spong "Red Leaves, Diary of a year" A series of new work by Katy Spong

2012 Sept-Oct

RhueArt Gallery James Lumsden New work inspired by RSA residency in Ullapool

2012 Oct-Dec

RhueArt Gallery Winter Show Mixed show by gallery artists

2012 April-Oct

RhueArt Gallery gardens Outdoor Sculpture exhibition Scrap metal animals by Helen Denerley and Alison Weightman's ceramics

2012 June-July

Morphogenesis Rhueart Gallery Tobias Hodson An Exhibition of Large and vibrant watercolours by Irish based Artist Tobias Hodson.

2012 April-May

RhueArt Gallery Lucy Woodley and Elfyn Lewis New silver work by Lucy Woodley, inspired by residency at Cove Park along side our new Welsh painter Elfyn Lewis. Welsh Artist of the year

2012 11-16 June

The Gallery Cork Street London "Cutting edge" Major solo show by James Hawkins New work including recent free form cut out paintings

OCT 2011

Art London art fair, Chelsea, London 2011 Rhueart Ullapool

James Lumsden Mary Bourne 2011 Autumn Show, Rhue, Ullapool

 Rhueart Ullapool

Katy Spong and Tobias Hodson Summer Show, Rhue, Ullapool

6th April-16th April 2011

Perception Exhibition of Rhueart Artists Dovecot Studios, 10 Infirmary St., Edinburgh. Mary Bourne, Helen Denerley, James Hawkins, Tobias Hodson, Mhairi Killin, James Lumsden, Katie Spong and Peter White

October 2010

Affordable Art Fair, London

August 2010 Inverness

Scotland's Housing Expo


March 2010

Glasgow Art Fair

October 2009

Affordable Art Fair, London

May 2009

The Chronicles of the Straight Line Ramblers Club

James Hawkins exhibition SW1 Gallery London,

April 2009

Glasgow Art Fair

in association with Highland Arts

Summer 2007

Nairn International Book Festival

 Highland Artists Showcase

Summer 2007

Cawdor Castle

  Exhibition of Highland Artists

Highland Year of Culture 2007

Highland Artists Showcase

2006 - 2008

University of the Highlands and Islands Excetutive Offive

 Temporary exhibitions of Highland Artists

2006 - 2008

Inverness Airport

 Temporary exhibitions of Highland Artists 

June/July 2001

Living The Land,

Scottish National Galleries, Duff House, Banff.

January 2001

Art 2001,

Islington, London

May 1997