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20 May -31 Oct 2023

New exhibition opening by Dominique Gais 20 may 2-4 pm Everyone welcome

Fragments from the World In fusion with Nature and its elements, my work as a painter, wants to testify to the beauty of the World. Scotland is for me an enchantment and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Over the years, I have collected treasures of nature and beauty with my camera, which I interweave into my painting. The materials and textures here compete with each other in incredible colours. The Rhue Art Series, in subtle and icy shades of grey and blue, was a tribute to winter. The continuation of The Rhue Series was illuminated by the golds and greens of summer. In this new spring exhibition, "Fragments of the World", the joyful boldness of the reds, oranges and yellows of lichen and seaweed are fully embodied, balanced by the infinite variations of white and grey, rock and salt. Dominique Gais Feb 2023

"Fragments of the World" Exhibition Catalogue by Dominique Gais

Two Ravens Opening event

Sat 1 April 2- 4 pm All welcome

live music and refreshments There will be two screening of the film 2.30pm and 3.30pm

"The Two Ravens"

1 April - 17 May 2023

An exhibition and screening of an animated film based on the folk story of Duncan Williamson. “The Two Ravens”. The project originated from conversations between musician Christine Martin (Skye) and film animator John McGeoch (Evanton) based on a single painting by John Slavin (Skye) , 'Marigold's Metamorphosis' and then grew (and grew!) from there, utilising John Slavin’s existing paintings plus some new ones painted specially. Marigold's Metamorphosis was one of this series and illustrated scenes from the Twa Ravens story.

"Two Ravens Film

Opening event Sat 23 July 2-4 pm All welcome


23 July - 31 Oct 2022 Exhibition of prints, poems and a books by LINDA LASHFORD

"From the Seahouse Catalogue

From The Seahouse - an exhibition of prints, poems, and a book. What happens when a landscape photographer shrinks down her spatial boundaries? Takes refuge in a single shoreline and measures her time there in years rather than in days. 'From the seahouse' is a collection of images and words that has arisen out of one such period of retreat, and spans four winters living, writing, and photographing from a small Scottish beach. Winters in which the large, fixed surface details of the landscape recede and, in their place, have come fleeting images of light, wind and water. These pictures emerge unbidden and follow the flow of weed, or a skirl of wind, as it fractures light, cascading shadows. From rare, frozen days come fugitive images of ice fast rocks and imprisoned weed, and when the wind is low, no more than a breath upon the water, there are submerged, tumbled stones that photographed against a swirl of sand evolve into a universe of planets. At night I write, drawing words from the same physical and emotional landscape as the photographs. And while the images have a stillness that belies the tumult of the winter shoreline the words explore that tumult; the raw physical power and fugacity of the winter environment and my internal world, where unsettling memories are unlocked by a drift of scent or a turn of a stone.


16 April -16 July 2022

An Exhibition of New Paintings by Mairearad Green

14 May Opening Musical event

Come and join us for Live Music with Mairearad 2-4pm All welcome

"Skail Catalogue

‘Skail’, (an old scots word - to disperse or scatter) the title for my work as a visceral response to the shifting nature of my surrounding environment, Coigach, Assynt and Lochbroom: the place I am from and the place that provides a wealth of artistic opportunity, creative interpretation and expression. This deeply rooted sense of place informs my identity as a visual artist and musician. Combining both art and music, ‘skail’, will be exhibited at Rhueart, opening on the 15th April 2022 with some live music by me at the gallery on the 14th May (2-4pm).

29 May 2021


An Exhibition of Optical Paintings As Derived From Digital Pinhole Photography By Will Curwen Opening day Sat 29 May The Artist will be present at the gallery 11am to 3 pm

"Light is Liquid" Desk top Catalogue

By definition a pinhole is not really a lens as such, but a carefully crafted aperture without an opinion upon whatever light is passing through it. Neither sharp nor unsharp, with everything in focus - or not in focus. It observes light reflected from a surface as an overlapping defractive pattern recording shape or form, without the deadening distraction of refracted detail. This I believe, is an important distinction as to how human vision works. So much of what we actually see as an initial first impression is based upon form as shaped by the luminosity of light. From there on, everything else follows through to form what I call ‘optical paintings’ which exist solely within the minds eye of the viewer as liquidfied light.

May 2021

 We are open again and look forward to welcoming you to the  galleries.

James has just finished some beautiful work resulting from this last winter.

"New Winter Work" Catalogue Recent work by James Hawkins 202]]

July 2020

Betulacae, The Lady of the woods Catalogue 2020

17 December 2019 - 31st March 2020

DRAWINGS by James Hawkins

An collection of James' drawings that he has done over the last 40 years. A wonderful opportunity to see early sketches and working drawings done in the field and studio over the last 40 years.

Drawings catalogue

17 August -31 October 2019

UNDERSONG Wonderful photographic exhibition by Linda Lashford

"Undersong" Linda Lashford Exhibition 2019 Catalogue

‘Undersong’ has arisen out of two winters in Wester Ross, and more particularly the landscape that surrounds the communities of Mellon Udrigle, Opinan and Laide. At each location, the images explore the world within the ‘view’ – the weed, rocks and lichen that stretch across the tidal zone.

Front Page of the latest Art North magazine

[[ https://www.facebook.com/ArtNorth.Magazine/photos/a.2149892371889902/2364256637120140/?type=3&theater]]

Good insightful review by Duncan MacMillan in the Scotsman


27 April -15 August 2019


New Paintings by Ellis O'Connor based on her experiences of the Assynt area of Sutherland

Oct 2018

Trekking in the Kumbu, Nepal October 2017

"A short walk in the Solu Kumbu" James Hawkins Exhibition

For larger images and prices click here

The Exhibition of paintings by James Hawkins, based on the experience of the Himalaya will be at La Galleria, Pall Mall, London from Monday 29th October until Saturday 3rd November 2018

A year ago we were invited by James Lamb who runs a charity in Nepal to go trekking with him and his partner Tashi with a view to creating some paintings to raise money for their charity, the little Sherpa foundation. Initially the charity was to help the widows of those Sherpa guides killed on Everest in 2014 and after the earthquake in 2015. However during the intervening years it has expanded to help rebuild the school in Phortse and now has plans to build a health centre there. Tashi and James also run Tengboche trekking, a company that creates employment for local guides and gives the profits from the treks to the little Sherpa foundation.

Tengbouche trekking

The Little Sherpa Foundation

Flick and I were most fortunate to have Tashi and James as our guides, James has huge knowledge of the region and Tashi, a Buddhist Lama from the Tengboche monastery has lived in the Khumbu all his life. With an infectious laugh and often a mobile phone held to each ear Tashi was a long way from my expectations, he knew everyone it seemed and frequently organised accommodation at short notice. Our conversations ranged from the spiritual to the everyday, and back to memories of his childhood growing up with his grandparents on a mountain farm. When I sat down to sketch Tashi would sit beside me to meditate, it felt like a radiator of good vibes empowering my drawing.

Our four week trek began with us flying in to Luckla, we walked to Namche Bazaar then on to Phortse for a few days and up to Gokyo. We took it slowly, careful to acclimatise to the altitude which happily caused us no problems. We spent some time at Gokyo and walked up the Renjo la pass one day and up to Scoundrels peak below Cho Oyu the next. We crossed the glacier to Thagnak and then back down to Phortse for a few more days before heading up to Pangboche one day and then over to Tengboche the next, before climbing up the hill above the monastery for great views of Everest. I was able to draw most days and Flick took many photos and video.

The exhibition will be at La Galleria in Pall Mall at the end of October 2018. If you’d like to be added to our e mail contacts please send your details to flick@rhueart.co.uk (or indeed to make double certain that you’re on there already). The plan is to give 50% of the profits from the exhibition to the charity, obviously we have some costs for the gallery hire and the catalogue, if you feel that you can sponsor us at all or contribute in any way it will mean more for Nepal. Thanks.

The Exhibition will be at La Galleria, Pall Mall, London SW1Y 4UY from Monday 29th October until Saturday 3rd November 2018

James Lamb, Flick and myself on Nepali TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8snVPEdGVYo

Tengbouche trekking

The Little Sherpa Foundation

Saturday 7 July 2-4 pm

Poetry reading by Michael Longley

Pimms and Cream teas Everyone welcome

Catalogue now available

 Across the Equinox catalogue 2018

July - Aug 2018
"Across the Equinox"

Opens 7th July 2018

A wonderful collaboration between Michael Longley, the celebrated Irish Poet and Sculptor Helen Denerley.
Michael Longley has been called "one of the finest lyric poets of our time" will be collaborating with Helen Denerely, whose amazing Giraffes are a landmark in the centre of edinburgh, to produce work for a show to held in the gallery this summer. Helen and Michael have known and been inspired by each other for many years.
This exhibition will feature sculpture and poetry created as a result of that inspiration.July 7th to August 28th 2018

!New work Helen Denerley

Great new pieces by Helen Denerley

Aug 2017
!Tanera Ar Duthaich

The show is proving to be very successful. As well as a lot of individual sales, the whole exhibition has been bought by the Tanera Estate and will be shown on the Island.

June 2017

Tanera Ar Duthaich

Kevin Percival's new show opens on Saturday 17 June
Everyone is very welcome 3-5pm

"Depicts the intricacies of living and working in a tiny rural community. Exploring the continually evolving relationship between people and the landscape in such communities; Tanera takes its name from an island in the Summer Isles archipelago off the west coast of Scotland. Having made this work whilst living and working on the island, my intention was to elaborate on these difficulties, exploring widely held romantic notions about the Scottish landscape, whilst also trying to get under the surface to the everyday experience. The images attempt to show a ‘portrait of place’ through views, details and portraits of the people who contribute to the fabric of the island"

March 1st 2017

New work by James Hawkins

James has put some of his new paintings that he has created during the winter up on his web site. Beautiful serene work.

Click here to see James Hawkins new work

Feb 23 2017

New exhibition line up for 2017

Just finalised the shows for this coming year. An exciting and diverse set of Artists and work.

Starting the year, Ian Williams and his thought provoking installations. How do I look? A different take on Art and our perceptions.This is followed by an exhibition of Photograph taken by Will Copestake. "Young Adventurer of the year". Will's atmospheric images taken this winter when he returned to the mountains in an attempt to tackle all 222 Corbett Mountains. These images are the moments, minutes and seconds of glory sky between otherwise ‘harsh’ days, the flashes of a view that make the journey worthwhile. Continuing the photographic theme we present Kevin Percival's images from the two years spent on Tanera, one of the Summer Isles in Loch broom. Using skills he has developed in traditional landscape, documentary/ photojournalism and portraiture to present a ‘portrait of place’ very much unique to this photographer’s practice and passion for the land. The final show of the year is French Artist Dominique Gais whom we met when exhibiting in France a few years ago. She spent time this winter here at Rhue collaborating with James Hawkins. This exhibition is a result of this focused time spent in this environment. Her paintings and her "photo-paintings" describe a dreamed reality, expressive, trying to show the abstraction of nature.

For further details please look at the exhibition's page on the web site or contact flick@rhueart.co.uk


19 Aug 2016

great opening evening to a great show. The two artist's work compliments and informs the other.

20th Aug _ Oct 31st “Greenland: At the Margins" Jane Rushton and Rhea Banker

Greenland: At the Margins catalogue 2016

Jane Rushton and Rhea Banker spent a period of time together in and around Ilulissat Kangia and Eqip Sermia, on Greenland’s west coast, gathering material for a project that would bring their two artforms together in dialogue. Of course, the stunning landscape of west Greenland was a huge inspiration but, more particularly, they were each drawn to the complex relationships between the seemingly permanent geological elements of nature and the more transient elements like ice, water and the lichen flora.

Saturday 16th July

SUN SUGAR preview

12 noon -2pm all very welcome


Eleanor White is best known for her dynamic teaching at Bridge House Art in Ullapool and at Leith School of Art in Edinburgh, an inspirational and feisty tutor this is a rare chance to see the huge repertoire of her techniques employed to create her own enigmatic images

Sun Sugar catalogue 2016

Wednesday June 14th Jean Michel has just delivered the paintings for his show, they are stunning, can't wait to hang them in the gallery. Opening preview Saturday 18June 12.30 - 2 pm All very welcome

Jean Michel Benier Landscapes 18 June 23 July 2016

Jean Michel Benier catalogue 2016

Saturday June 11th James Hawkins, artist at Rhue Art Gallery, talks to Jon Miller about renowned American artist Jon Schueler whose work is featured in two exhibitions in Ullapool, one at An Talla Solais and another at Rhue Art Gallery which features paintings and films


Saturday May 7th

What a privilege it has been to prepare this exhibition. It was a bit like Christmas unwrapping the beautiful pictures, then deciding how to hang the show. Schueler's work really deserves long contemplation. It is only then that the depth, colour and complexity of these paintings are slowly revealed.



Part of the world wide centenary celebrations of the birth of the American abstract expressionist painter Jon Schueler. Jon lived in New York but spent several months throughout each year painting in his studio in Mallaig. His luminous paintings celebrate the ever changing light of the west coast.

Everyone one welcome 12 noon -2pm

Distillation of Light catalogue 2016

Other Centenary Events


March 26th Great opening on Saturday.

The sun shone and the daffodils were out. lots of people and lots of sales. It really is a wonderful show of work.

*“It’s the grass that suffers” *

Peter White and Joanna Wright

Mar 26th – May 4th

It is the Grass that suffers catalogue 2016

JAN 2016

We are delighted to announce the exhibition schedule for 2016. An exciting year of shows with a strong international flavour.

Starting just before Easter !!“It’s the grass that suffers” An Exhibition by Peter White and Joanna Wright. Work inspired by a trip to northern Uganda. The research visit was sponsored by the Refugee Law Project, a Ugandan organisation that supports asylum seekers, refugees, displaced people and their host communities within Uganda.

In May it is “Distillation of light”, we are thrilled to be part of the world wide centenary celebrations of the birth of the American abstract expressionist painter Jon Scheuler . Jon lived in New York but spent several months throughout each year painting from his studio in Mallaig, his luminous paintings celebrate the ever changing light of the west coast.

In June we have “New landscapes” by Jean Michel Benier who lives in France and regularly visits Scotland to make plein air watercolours exploring the coast line from the land and the sea. His paintings capture weather and shorelines, mountain and seascapes with a minimal elegance.

This is followed in July by “Sun Sugar”. Eleanor White is best known for her dynamic teaching at Bridge House Art in Ullapool and at Leith School of Art in Edinburgh, an inspirational and feisty tutor this is a rare chance to see the huge repertoire of her techniques employed to create her own enigmatic images

Finally a joint show in Aug “Greenland: At the Margins”. Jane Rushton and Rhea Banker explore the geology of Greenland with forensic detail, all of which were made following recent Geo-Poetic field trips with artists, and scientists. The Arctic environment, as well as having a raw beauty and spiritual essence, is emblematic in terms of concerns with climate change, and it provides the focus of much artistic and scientific work that tries to understand the processes at play, and their significance.

More details to follow

Sept 2015 New Work

We have managed to persuade Florence to let us have some more work. There has been a fantastic response to her pictures so due to popular demand, we have rehung the exhibition. Here is the updated catalogue.

Florence Jamieson Catalogue 2015


15 Aug - 15 Oct 2015

Florence Jamieson Catalogue 2015

Opening 15 Augsut 2015 3pm-4pm.

A wonderful opportunity to see a selection of her work. Florence was one of four remaining living artists chosen to provide a selection of her work for the prestigious ‘Glasgow Girls’ Kirkcudbright summer exhibition.

We are very pleased that we will also have on display some Ceramic work produced by Florence along with her husband Robert Sinclair Thomson (1915-1983) who were the first artists to open a commercial studio pottery in Glasgow after the Second World War. Throughout the 50s and 60s they worked from their house in Clouston Street producing hundreds of hand-made items such as mugs, plates and bowls.

Recognised in their own right as accomplished Scottish painters, Florence and Robert created original works of Ceramic art by using specialist freehand slip technique to apply designs to many items from small jewellery to Large Pots and wall plaques.



Rhiannon Van Muysen

Sat 30 May — 11 Aug 2015

Two years ago Rhiannon moved to Cornwall and the work in this exhibition focuses on the unique geology and ecology of that region. Made with oils, inks, salt, iron and copper crystals the paintings explore the weathered granite tors and the abandoned clay pits; using processes of chance and control the resulting images appear to have formed naturally over time. In 2002 Rhiannon worked as Lotte Glob’s assistant in Durness, for the first time this exhibition will include ceramic pieces that develop the themes of the paintings and represent an exciting new direction in the artist’s complex and innovative practice.



Catalogue now on line Katy Spong Catalogue 2014

Sunday 20th July

New Distillery Traditional Ceilidh Band

We are delighted that The New Dists will perform an acoustic set on the afternoon of Sunday 20th July. Come and join us for a glass of Pimms, wander around the Sculpture garden and catch a last look at the Fantastic exhibition of Helen Denerely's Miniature Sculptures.

May 23rd – 30th July 2014

Wonderful new sculptures by Helen Denerley

We are delighted to have an exhibition of specially commissioned miniature sculptures by Helen Denerley. Helen has been working hard to produce series of miniature animals for this show. We have had a sneak preview of a cow, a sheep and a marvellous mammoth! This will be a truly unique show.

Opening Preview Saturday 23 May 12 noon - 2pm

On-line Catalogue available soon

Memories and Observations, Cuimheachan is Seallaiddhean

A collection of new paintings by CELIA GARBUTT 14th sept - 31st Oct 2013

Memories and Observations, Cuimheachan is Seallaiddhean Catalogue

ART FORUM 61, Contemporary Art Biennale France

29 June - 13th July 2013


Rhueart exhibited Riannon Van Muysen, Helen Denerley, Tobias Hodson and James Hawkins at this prestigious Biennial in France during late June and July. The multi venued exhibition featured more than sixty international artists in eight different venues across the town. All were well attended and we met Dominique Gais from Paris who will be visiting Rhue during September to take photographs in preparation for an exhibition here next summer.

Biennale Catalogue

LifeLines by Lisa O'Brien

8th June - 14th August 2013

"...Putting a pencil to paper and making a line is unexpectedly, and thankfully, life affirming. My dad died last year, followed by my friend Joanna and our family dog, all within weeks of each other. This is an exhibition of how drawing helped me to keep my head above water. For a few months, drawing everyday became a very centring experience and has ultimately changed the direction of my work" .....Lisa O'Brien 2013

Life Lines Catalogue

James Hawkins On line Newspaper review 10th July


Radio Scotland

Thursday 4th April at 13.32 James in conversation with Ray Mearns. This broadcast will be available here from the third week in August.

2013 Easter RhueArt Gallery

Solo show by Rhiannon Van Muysen. We are showing work by recent Graduate Rhiannon Van Muysen. Her work is inspired by the evolving geology and biology of the Land. She uses minerals and inks frozen in ice to create beautiful and evocative pieces, experimenting with scale and altered perspectives; abstracted compositions of colour and mineral texture explore vast geological timescales and imagined landscapes.

 Lay of the Land  Catalogue

2013 5th - 9th March "People and Places"

Mo Farquharson and James Hawkins at The Gallery,28 Cork Street,London. Friends and contempories at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford this exhibition features Mo's bronze sculptures and James' carbon fibre cut-out paintings.

People and Places Catalogue

37 Red Leaves

has been a great success, selling numerous of Katy Spong's wonderful Monoprints. There has been a terrific response to the Diary of a year and we look forward to exhibiting some of her paintings later in the year.

Click on the link to see the Catalogue:
37 Leaves, Diary of a Year by Katy Spong. Catalogue 2012


an Exhibition of Large and vibrant watercolours by Irish based Artist Tobias Hodson

Brilliant and bold, botanical paintings. Opening preview 29th June from 5 - 7 pm Exhibition runs from Sat 30th June - 26th July Click on the link to see the Catalogue:
Morphogenesis Catalogue PDF

Feb 2012 Official opening of new Gallery at Rhue.

We are delighted that Creative Scotland's Executive Director Andrew Dixon will open the new space on 25th April.

Feb 2012 Dates finalised for James Hawkins major show in London

One for your diaries. 11th June - 16th June 2012. The Gallery, Cork Street, London. Please ask iof you would like an invitation to the show. Catalogues will be available nearer the time.

Feb 2012 Major Sculpture commission by Allison Weightman

Large stone and Glass piece unveiled at Johnson and Johnson LifeScan Inverness

Oct 2011 Art London

We had a great time at Art London with a most enthusiastic response to James' new cut out works. It was good to catch up with old friends and to make some new ones too. The work that we had on display can be seen on James' site http://www.jameshawkinsart.co.uk

Sept 2011 James Hawkins Paintings at auction

Three large early canvases are due to be auctioned by Lyon and Turnbull in Edinburgh on the 25th August, Sale number 324 http://www.lyonandturnbull.com

Sept 2011 New Gallery at Rhue

We are OPEN! At present we have some lovely acrylic paintings by Katie Spong and some very fine watercolours by Toby Hodson. We will also be showing sculpture by Helen Denereley and Mary Bourne, both inside and outside, throughout the summer.

July 2011 Art London Fair

James Hawkins will be showing new work on paper and canvas from 6th - 9th October at the Art London Fair in Chelsea. Please contact flick@rhueart.co.uk for an invitation


Exhibition of Rhueart Artists 6th April-16th April 2011 Dovecot Studios, 10 Infirmary St., Edinburgh. (Tuesday-Saturday, 10.30am-5.00pm) Click on the link to see the Perception Catalogue:
Perception Catalogue PDF

Oct 2010 AAF Battersea;

The Fair went well with an enthusiastic response to all the artists and good sales. It was also a good chance to reconnect with some earlier clients that we had lost contact with. The Monday after the fair finished we flew to Toronto to investigate exhibiting at the International Art Fair there; we liked the Fair a lot and plan to go next year or the year after.

James Hawkins

James' website address has changed, it can now be found at: jameshawkinsart.co.uk