Rhue Art

Linda Lashford

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Exhibition of Photographs, books and Poems

23 July - 31 Oct 2022

"From the Seahouse Catalogue

From The Seahouse - an exhibition of prints, poems, and a book. What happens when a landscape photographer shrinks down her spatial boundaries? Takes refuge in a single shoreline and measures her time there in years rather than in days. 'From the seahouse' is a collection of images and words that has arisen out of one such period of retreat, and spans four winters living, writing, and photographing from a small Scottish beach. Winters in which the large, fixed surface details of the landscape recede and, in their place, have come fleeting images of light, wind and water. These pictures emerge unbidden and follow the flow of weed, or a skirl of wind, as it fractures light, cascading shadows. From rare, frozen days come fugitive images of ice fast rocks and imprisoned weed, and when the wind is low, no more than a breath upon the water, there are submerged, tumbled stones that photographed against a swirl of sand evolve into a universe of planets. At night I write, drawing words from the same physical and emotional landscape as the photographs. And while the images have a stillness that belies the tumult of the winter shoreline the words explore that tumult; the raw physical power and fugacity of the winter environment and my internal world, where unsettling memories are unlocked by a drift of scent or a turn of a stone.

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