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Will Copestake Statement

Moments in the Mist

Celebrating those rare and magical moments when the veil lists over the mountains. A collection of photographs from Will Copestake’s winter expeditions across the Scottish mountains. This winter Will has returned to the mountains in an attempt to tackle all 222 Corbett mountains [those between 2500-3000ft]. These images are the moments, minutes and seconds of glory sky between otherwise ‘harsh’ days, the flashes of a view that make the journey worthwhile.


Will Copestake is a freelance guide and adventurer. Born in the North of Scotland, Will’s love of the outdoors grew around a childhood spent on the local coast and hills. Since then Will has travelled around the world exploring New Zealand and Iceland on foot and kayaking in Patagonia and Norway. Will is best known for his ‘Machair to Munro’ expedition in his home country of Scotland which involved a 1600km solo kayak around the border before heading inland by bike to climb the 282 Munro mountains through the winter in a journey lasted 364 days. This winter Will returned to Scotland to tackle the Corbett mountains in a continual push.