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Rhea Banker Resume

About the Artist

Rhea Banker is a photographer and award winning book designer. Although she has been living and working in New York City for 30 years, much of her work is based on journeys to the rocky edges of the world. Her abstract studies of patterns within the Earth’s ancient surfaces have been exhibited in New York City, Edinburgh, Scotland, Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, and in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Much of her work is based on ancient movements recorded within the Earth’s crust and maps of imagined lands. Her textural abstract images are her reflections of these movements, and reveal her own attempts at understanding and sharing stories of an ever-changing planet.

In addition to Rhea’s photographic work, she is a professional book designer. Her designs have won multiple awards, and have been repeatedly exhibited at the New York Bookbinder’s Exhibitions in New York City.

A graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo, Rhea received her BFA in Design and a BA in Art History. While there, she was the winner of the Evelyn Rumsey Lord Travel Fellowship. She has lectured undergraduates in Medieval Art History as well as in the History of Photography.


2015 Greenland: At the Margins, touring Ilulissat Kunstmuseum, Nuuk Kunstmuseum, Nuuk Taseralik Culture Centre,Sisimiut, Greenland

2014 Greenland: At the Margins, Grønlandske Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark

2012 – Penn State College – Permanent Installation - Art and Science Collaboration – Reading Pennsylvania, USA

2011 – Queen’s Hall - Permanent installation – Atlas Novus – Edinburgh, Scotland

2010 – Stornoway Trust Nature Centre – permanent installation – Isle of Lewis, Scotland

2009 – Bernera Historical Museum –Textures of an Island - Installation to benefit the Bernera local history project – Isle of Bernera, Scotland

2008 – Kirkland & Ellis Gallery – Stone and Bronze –show highlighting the Hebrides and the Orkneys – New York City, New York

2008 – Stornoway Airport – Permanent Installation Part 2 – For the Telling– Isle of Lewis, Scotland

2008 – Canongate Kirk - Permanent Installation – Vanishing Views - Edinburgh, Scotland

2008 – Pearson Educación Argentina - Tiera del Fuego/ Stone and Sea –solo exhibit - Buenos Aires, Argentina

2007 – Stornoway Airport – Permanent Installation Part 1 – Circling the Stones – Outer Hebrides, Scotland

2007 – Ceres Gallery – Recent Excavations – solo exhibit – New York City, New York

2007 – St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Anonymous Pilgrims of Chartres – Permanent Installation – Brooklyn, New York

2007 – Pearson Plc. Corporate Offices – small works– White Plains, New York

2006 – AtticSalt Gallery – Hebridean Works – Edinburgh, Scotland

2006 – Krasdale Gallery Group Show, New York City , New York

2006 – Cathedral of St. John Divine – Anonymous Pilgrims of Chartres – installation – New York City, New York

2006 - Square Show, Ceres Gallery – New York City, New York

2005 - Annual JFS Juried Show – Edison, New Jersey

2005 – New York Interchurch Center Gallery – Signs and Surfaces – Reflections of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides – solo exhibit – New York City, New York

2004 – Ceres Gallery – Meridians: Scotland’s Outer Hebrides - solo exhibit – New York City, New York

2004 - Constellation Group Show, Ceres Gallery – New York City, New York

2003 - Callanish Visitor Center Gallery – New Work – Isle of Lewis, Scotland

2003 - Square Show, Ceres Gallery – New York City, New York

1997 - New York Bookbuilders Design Show winner – New York City, New York

1995 - Museum of Women’s History Installation - Cooperstown, NY

Institutional Collections

Island Book Trust – Port of Ness, Isle of Lewis, Scotland United Methodist Church Commission for Inter-Religious Concerns – New York City St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Brooklyn, New York