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Joanna Wright Resume

Towards peace Catalogue Joanna Wright and Peter White 2016

The Grass That Suffers

Communities in northern Uganda are coming to terms with life after the violent LRA war which displaced many thousands of people for a generation, barring them from access to land with which to make a living and imposing long periods of terror. There remains a legacy of thousands of abducted children and young people still unaccounted for.

Now that the conflict is over, the artists visited the region to make work in response to this time of change.

Joanna worked mostly with a sketchbook, gathering images that were later worked into the collaged pieces shown here.

Peter created a large piece of work in situ which is now installed in the National Peace and Memory Documentation Centre in Kitgum, northern Uganda. The drawings here are from photographs people met during the visit.

The project was supported by the Refugee Law Project, a Ugandan organisation that supports asylum seekers, refugees, displaced people and their host communities within Uganda. RLP's National Peace and Memory Documentation Centre in Kitgum acts as a living memorial to Uganda's multiple conflicts. The Centre collects and communicates Ugandans' memories of war as well as experience of justice and reconciliation, creating a powerful resource to build understanding and resilience against future conflict.

10% of the value of sales from this exhibition will be donated to RLP to support the National Peace and Memory Documentation Centre and its vital peacebuilding work. RLP will also be glad of any direct donations: see their website www.refugeelawproject.org