Rhue Art

Dominique Gais Statement

Dominique Gais, painter Between painting, painted-photo and photo-painting Through the world of trompe l'oeil and mural painting, Dominique Gais is installed into a form of play, where the spectator has doubt of what he sees, and wonders about the nature of the object it looks. The riddle is central in her approach.

The infinite variations of nature are the support of her creation, she uses these elements by changing their context. Her paintings, and her "photo-paintings" describe a dreamed reality, expressive, trying to show the abstraction of nature. Alexandra Paget Deben Photo-paintings By introducing the photograph in my creation, I have an objective contemporary imprint a pattern with which I construct new spaces. I seized the variations of materials offered by landscapes, geological traces left by water, wind, salt on the rock, and plays with the anthropomorphic aspects of nature. As our ancestors from prehistory were using the roughness of the walls to emphasize the shoulder of a bison, I rely on the natural element photographed to develop my compositions. The Immediate modernity of photography, combined with the timelessness of the painter's gesture enriches my creation of a fruitful tension.