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Kevin Percival Bio 2017:

Kevin Percival has a unique perspective on photography of place – using a style that straddles both documentary and aesthetic production with analogue and digital techniques. His most recent projects have explored socio-political complexities ranging from contemporary conflict-in-culture to class representation. This type of dominant theme contrasts strongly his earlier work, produced during his academic education at Staffordshire University and University of Westminster. Early works combined landscape and multi-exposure technique to explore a narrative of place, both real and imagined. Kevin brings all these concerns together in the recent Tanera (Ar Důthaich). The exhibition uses skills he has developed in traditional landscape, documentary/ photojournalism and portraiture to present a ‘portrait of place’ very much unique to this photographer’s practice and passion for the land.

Kevin Percival has exhibited across the UK and in Europe, received a commendation from Getty Images and most recently exhibited in London and Brighton Photo Biennial 2016. With the Tanera project, Kevin hopes to raise awareness of ecological and socio-political issues with subtly beautiful black and white imagery.